The First Step

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Making chocolate is a daily adventure, no day is the same as another. This project XKIK' was born more than 8 months ago with a work of thesis of Master's degree in Social Responsibility. I did not know that this was the first step of a great adventure. It all began very theoretical, with a lot of information that I did not know how to order. Information from global issues around cacao and chocolate, to the more local ones here in Mexico in the regions of Tabasco and Chiapas.



The study I did was made half the time from Costa Rica while I explored this beautiful country and let myself be seduced by the nature and by that corner of the earth listed as one of the most sustainable. I absorbed there more things than I could imagine, I met projects that help endangered animals, pristine beaches, waterfalls, valleys, hot springs, and havens in the mountains near volcanoes. Today I'm inspired by the civility, and by the great example that Costa Rica gives us as a Latin American country.



The project was still on paper and thanks to various experts in the areas of administration and finance I throw to the adventure of making this dream a reality and to ensure that the project is a cost-effective model and at the same time Socially Responsible and 100% mexican.



The challenges that exist in Mexico in the area of social and environment are many. The work with the communities that take care of the cocoa, the cultural heritage and traditions that revolve around this fruit and the chocolate, and the work to integrate modern techniques with the ancient ones with mutual respect, it is the niche in which I've been placing. I see that there are great opportunities for young entrepreneurs. We can achieve so much with new proposals. This is one of my proposals, "XKIK' chocolate de origen" a socially responsible company and 100% mexican product.

I hope you like it and will feel inspired to act and realize your ideas, because with hard work, dedication and heart we make the first steps and start the path. 


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